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Community Manager Training

FREE Educational Training exclusively for

Community Association Management Professionals!

Series exclusively provided to Community Association Management career professionals. (Board members are welcome and encouraged to register for our Board Member Training Series, written and taught specifically for you!)

Cagle Pugh’s Community Association Manager Training offers two separate series of classes specifically designed for various experience levels of community management career professionals. Unlike the courses offered by national organizations, our Community Association Manager Training series focuses exclusively on federal and Texas laws that govern Texas subdivision and condominium community associations.

Each training series consists of nine total hours of no-cost instruction broken down into six 90-minute classes offered once a month for six consecutive months. In addition, free refreshments are provided. There is no required sequence to either series, so participants may start a series at any time.

Registration for each class is limited based on the capacity of the classroom facility, which varies per location.  Accordingly, please register for classes as early as possible to ensure availability.  We frequently have waitlists for our classes; if you register and can no longer attend, please email us so we can open your seat to someone on the waitlist.


Out of an abundance of caution and social responsibiity, we have chosen to cancel our seminars through the month of April. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause – we care about the health of you, your famiily, and our community. Please continue to register for classes scheduled for May and beyond – we are hopeful that the need for current restrictions will be over soon and we can get back to classes as usual.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Stay safe, stay healthy!


Community Manager Boot Camp Series


The Community Manager Boot Camp Series is designed to provide newer community management professionals with a thorough understanding of the statutory laws and legal concepts that govern the management of community associations in Texas. It is generally recommended for community managers with less than three years of experience in their community management career, although any manager is welcome to attend any of our courses in either series.

Community Manager Boot Camp consists of the following six classes:

  • Association-Governed Communities and Governing Documents – offered January and July
  • Board Meetings – offered February and August
  • Membership Meetings – offered March and September
  • Assessment Collection – offered April and October
  • Covenant Enforcement – offered May and November
  • Architectural Review – offered June and December

Community Manager Advanced Training


The Community Manager Advanced Training is specifically designed for more experienced community management professionals (we recommend 3+ years of experience, or graduates of the Boot Camp) , although any manager is welcome to attend any of our courses in either series.  The Advanced Training series covers advanced legal concepts that are essential to the professional management of condominium and subdivision community associations in Texas.

Community Manager Advanced Training consists of the following six classes:


  • Fair Housing – offered January and July
  • Insurance – offered February and August
  • Association Books and Records – offered March and September
  • Vendor Contracts – offered April and October
  • Transition of Control – offered May and November
  • HOA Litigation and Dispute Resolutionoffered June and December