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Board Member Training

FREE Board Member Training


At Cagle Pugh, we are passionate about educating community association leaders as to the legal concepts and statutory laws that govern their associations and communities. For such reason, we offer a series of classes specifically designed for members of a community association’s Board of Directors.

Our Board Member Training classes focus exclusively on federal and Texas laws that govern Texas subdivision and condominium community associations and cover all of the core concepts necessary for Board Member to become informed and knowledgeable leaders in their associations. The classes are open to Board Members of all Texas community associations, even if the community association is not a client of the firm. In addition, a casual dinner will be provided to all attendees.

Our Board Member Training consists of six total hours of no-cost instruction that is broken down into four 90-minute classes throughout the year. There is no required sequence to the classes, so participants may start at any time.

Board Member Training consists of the following four classes:


  • HOAs and Governing Documents
  • Board Meetings
  • Assessment Collection
  • Covenant Enforcement